Food Tanks

Our food tanks are used by leaders in the food processing industry, covering a wide range of foods. Why? Because they know our trailers fulfil the demanding requirements of food transportation, while our operations are focused on the guaranteed delivery times that are essential to the industry.

To maintain the shelf lives of food products they must be transported at precise temperatures constantly maintained throughout the course of the journey. We also meet the highest standards of hygiene and product security.

Our customers are constantly moving product standards forward, advancing their own production and product safety systems. By creating transporting solutions that give our customers a competitive edge we become an integral part of this development process.

We also provide secure, cost effective transportation of high specification liquid foodstuffs, like milk or liquid sugar. We operate a large fleet of tankers specially designed for the transport of numerous alcoholic beverages such as whiskey, cider, wine and liquors, for a variety of blue chip customers.

Our procedures and systems are in line with HACCP, operating at all times within the SCOPA guidelines to ensure your products are safe in our care.

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