Transport Solutions

We offer a range of high quality solutions that lead the way in food, industrial and chemical transportation. Our food tanks meet the requirements of the largest and most demanding food processing companies, while our industrial powder tanks are used by market leaders. Our ISO and chemical tanks surpass the most exacting standards in terms of safety, security and efficiency.

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Food Tanks

Our food tanks fulfil the demanding requirements of

food transportation, while our operations are

focused on the guaranteed delivery times.

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Powder Tanks

Our high capacity powder tanks are lightweight

and silent, easy to clean and carry high volume

discharge equipment as standard.

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ISO Tanks

Purpose built ISO tanks offer greater

payloads,better temperature control

and secure product integrity.

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Chemical Tanks

Our ADR chemical tanks offer maximum

payloads, guaranteed product integrity

and operator safety.

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Vacuum Tanks

BP McKeefry vacuum tanks are the

safest and most effective way

to move liquid bio-solids.

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"Whether it’s foodstuffs, chemicals, industrial goods, liquid or powder, we insist on the highest standards in safety, security, efficiency and hygiene. The latest in design and technology ensures our high capacity tankers carry large amounts of goods at precise and consistent temperatures. Add to that drivers and operations staff who ensure our deliveries are made on time, every time, and you can see why our customers return to us, again and again."

– Peter Esler

Our People

We are only as good as the people who work for us. We go out of our way to create an environment that will develop, motivate and inspire our staff.


As a multi-faceted company we have over four decades of experience providing customers with solutions specially tailored to their needs.


Based in five locations across the UK and Ireland, we have the resources it takes to respond efficiently and quickly to customer demand.

Customer Service

Why do our customers stay with us year after year? From blue chip companies familiar to every  household to the smallest independent business, we are dedicated to providing the best possible service.