Rentals & Sales

At BP McKeefry we have an extensive and exceptionally young fleet of Stainless Steel and Aluminium artic tankers as well as tractor units for rental and sales.

We have operated within the UK bulk-liquid haulage sector for over 4 decades and understand the needs and requirements of hauliers, contractors and their suppliers. That’s why we boast a fleet of tankers specifically designed and manufactured to be ready for hire within the UK and Irish markets.

Our tankers are able to operate within a multitude of market sectors, including Waste, Chemical, Food, Milk and Water.

By combining flexible lease contracts and reasonable selling prices with vehicles that are designed for maximum reliability and up-time you can be assured that BP McKeefry Rental & Sales can meet the needs of your business in the short and long term.

Please get in contact with us if you have any requirements.

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Recycling & Combi-Units

Our high-pressure water jetting units are designed for the most effective cleaning of everything from sewers and culverts, wet-well’s and gullies through to all sizes and types of tanks and lagoons.

For more information on our units available for long-term or short term lease please click this link.

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General Tank/Trailers

Due to constant reinvestment within our business, we always have a turnover of older vehicles available for spot-hire or resale. However, if you require different and longer-term requirements we have the ability to offer a more customised service with alternative terms and equipment.

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Self-Drive Vehicle Hire

At BP McKeefry we have the experience and equipment to guarantee you a 100% reliable, flexible self-drive tanker/ vehicle hire solution.

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Vacuum Tankers

The fleet of stainless steel vacuum tankers that BP McKeefry offer is industry leading in offering maximum tare weights whilst ensuring the safety of operators and those working around the vessel.

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Aluminium Waste Vacuum Tankers

Our aluminium waste vacuum tankers have been designed for maximum payload and reliability to ensure your load can be carried as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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