B.P. McKeefry have the people, experience and equipment to guarantee you a 100% reliable, flexible transport solutions.

The secret of our success is you

Over four decades we have evolved from a small family business transporting animal foodstuffs to one of the leading transport, cleaning, recycling and surveying companies in Europe.

That hasn’t happened by accident. We’re still as passionate about meeting the needs of our customers as the day we started. That’s how we’ve grown. We discovered that the only way to guarantee our customers’ expectations were met was to control every step of the operation, so everything we do, we do ourselves.

This means

Our transport service delivers your products on time, every time, safely and securely. We know our customers need versatility and as a result our transport services operate from five sites across the UK and Ireland. We transport a wide range of liquid and powder goods, from foodstuffs and alcoholic drinks to chemicals and industrial products.

We know that our customers need the highest quality service. Our engineers and mechanics design and build our tankers, utilising four decades of our on the road experience, so our 200 strong fleet provides the ultimate means of transport in every field we serve.

Our highly trained and motivated staff can offer you a complete range of in-house cleaning and surveying solutions.

We also offer a comprehensive recycling service that includes the mixing, dewatering, injection and top spreading of bio-solids.

Our state-of-the-art cleansing equipment, like our high-pressure water jetting units and skid-mounted vacuum pumps, are operated by staff trained to the highest levels in their speciality. Our high-tech cleaning and surveying services are tailored for your needs, not ours.

We’ll go that extra mile to provide CCTV footage for surveys in hard to get at underground locations, while our emergency rescue services are a byword for reliability.

And, finally, we know that our customers need to work alongside us. From the first contact to the final invoice, we are totally integrated with your operation. We become part of your team, so you can stake your reputation on ours.

That’s why we say; you are the reason for our success.

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