Screening and Dewatering


From our experience of operating within the wastewater industry and listening to our customers, we now offer specifically designed and manufactured, high-quality machines to aid in the processing and treatment of municipal and industrial water, wastewater and sludge.

We support our customers with efficient and innovative solutions and advice to aid with the maximum utilisation of tanker assets, diversion of material from landfill and promote the sustainable use of water, energy and resources.

Our screening solutions have been designed to solve the following specific issues:

  1. Effectively remove rag, FOG & grit from wet waste streams to protect downstream processes and ensure that treatment plants operate at maximum efficiency
  2. To clean and classify outputs into different material sizes enhancing recycling options
  3. To clean and compact material destined for landfill to minimise disposal costs


We offer a range of off the shelf and customised products designed to aid in the processing and treatment of municipal and industrial water, wastewater and sludge.

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BPM De-Rag Pro

The De-Rag Pro is a self-contained mobile screening unit, which was designed and constructed in-house to process material containing high volumes of rag, fat, vegetation, paper, cardboard etc. The mechanical rake screen can also easily cope with product containing particularly high levels of rag being lifted directly on to the screen (no risk of blinding and throughput maintained).

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BPM Tri-Screen Plus

Following on from the success of our BPM De-Rag Pro, we developed the BPM Tri-Screen Plus. This innovative 3 stage approach is specifically designed to process material with high volumes of rag, fat and grit.

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BPM Split-Screen

The BPM Split-Screen has been designed to provide a highly efficient and cost-effective grit washing and dual classification system.

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Custom Engineering Solutions

BPM adopt a solutions-based approach – understanding the product, site, customer challenges are fundamental to proposing the most efficient and effective solution.

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