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New ADR Tanker

BP McKeefry invests in new ADR tanker.


BP McKeefry has invested in a new Crossland Tankers ADR tanker that is capable of carrying 30,000 litres or a payload of 28,000Kg. The tanker is fully baffled and therefore can carry any quantity under ADR. In line with our efforts to make the work place safe the tanker also has a fully enclosed double handrail […]

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BP McKeefry Awarded Gold in ARENA Network Benchmarking Survey 2014


This year, BP McKeefry Group has taken part in the ARENA Network Benchmarking Survey for the first time. The ARENA Survey is Northern Ireland’s leading environmental benchmark exercise. Almost 400 organisations from 14 different sectors were invited to take part, including the top 200 companies and leading public sector organisations. The purpose of taking part […]

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