BPM De-Rag Pro

Our talented engineers are continually developing innovative technical solutions to our customers’ problems. Our De-Rag Pro is just one example of this. In order to minimise the waste from the cleaning of storage tanks containing large quantities of rag, we developed and built a screening system which reduces the volume of waste requiring disposal. With a design throughput of 90m3/hour it can reduce the weight of the rag requiring disposal by some 83%. Like all great ideas, it works simply and effectively. The screen receives the rag and sewage into a hopper from where it is washed to remove the organic matter. The washed rag is then fed into compactors to remove the water content, from where it is fed, as a dry material, into skips for disposal. The benefits to our customers are considerable. If you’re cleaning a typical tank containing around 500m3 of wet rag and organic matter with the BPM De-Rag Pro, waste will be reduced by around 415 tonnes. That means a saving in disposal and taxes of approximately £41,500 and a real boost to the environment too.

BP McKeefry Ltd. are delighted to announce that the BPM De-Rag Pro is protected by “Patent Pending” status

Please download the BPM De-Rag Pro factsheet for further information.


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